We Help Strengthen Your R&D Capacity

We partner with clients of all sizes to strengthen their R&D capacity:

  • Startups progressing toward SBIR Phase 2
  • Growth companies needing to scale their proven product and optimize their processes
  • Established companies with limited bench-strength

Our Unique Value Proposition comes from decades of industry experience which adds commercial relevance to all aspects of our work. We differentiate ourselves by having a competitive “nose” for innovations.

Services We Provide

Research and Development

We provide laboratory-based R&D services for

  • Developing new products and applications
  • Exploring new chemistries and concepts
  • Proving concepts
  • Overcoming process obstacles & solving manufacturing problems

Currently we have capabilities to undertake small-scale chemical synthesis, formulations, and the fabrication and testing of polymer films, adhesives and coatings. We also provide our insights about their potential uses in diverse industries.

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We offer consulting services either through a single expert or a group of multi-disciplinary experts. The consulting engagement can be followed up with laboratory-based R&D.

Problem-Solving Panels & Brain Storming

Do you have a problem with a product or process? You can engage with a panel of diverse experts and capitalize on the benefits of their expertise. They can take apart the problem and suggest solutions. They can even work on the solutions for you in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Advisory Boards

We provide industrial expert resources and scientific guidance, thereby helping startup companies and innovators achieve their milestones to success.

Technology Evaluation

We will help you on the path to commercialization of your new product. And we can help you discover new applications for it, too!

Our Service Model

We are your partners — not just contractors. Our agreements stipulate that you own the Intellectual Property (IP) developed during our work with you. Our scientists and engineers work at the highest safety and quality standards. We protect our clients’ information, discoveries, and technologies. Our core service process follows these 7 steps:

Why partner with us? We provide:

  • Exploration of various pathways to commercialization
  • Access to diverse scientific and industry sector talent
  • Global industry and relationships
  • Proven success in growing and scaling innovation
  • Quality, integrity and confidence
  • Employment of best practices and processes

Our Projects

Current and completed projects include:

Application development:

  • Creation of novel polyimide films using our client’s monomers
  • Creation of novel epoxy adhesives using client-specific ingredients
  • Proof-of-concept for a novel biodegradable consumer product (replacing a non-degradable one)
  • Creation of a novel membrane with tailored permeability
  • Demonstration of the range of properties that are possible with a family of copolymers

Problem solving related to:

  • Producing a packaging film that meets FDA regulations
  • Creation of novel coatings with specified properties
  • Replacing a scarce ingredient in a compounded polymer product while producing the same properties
  • Reducing waste in a polymer/material process
  • Improving the rheology of high solids slurry to reduce process costs
  • Interactions between a new carbohydrate polymer and other ingredients
  • Determining the source of an impurity in a condensation polymerization process
  • Causes of non-reproducible properties in a polymerization process
  • Start-up of a plant to make an oil-field chemical
  • Competitive analysis of client’s products with recommended improvements
  • Starting up a plant that processes protein polymers
  • Discovering the cause of a premature polymer part failure
  • Creation of a new oil-industry product using our client’s ingredients

Analytical method development and measurements:

  • GPC for molecular weight measurement
  • Intrinsic viscosity
  • Parallel plate rheometry
  • DSC for melting, crystallization and other thermal transitions
  • TGA for thermal degradation
  • DMA for mechanical properties
  • Tensile tests for mechanical properties
  • GC/MS for chemical analysis
  • UV-Vis spectroscopy for chemical analysis
  • FTIR for chemical analysis
  • AFM/nano-FTIR for material characterization
  • Particle size measurement
  • X-ray diffraction for material characterization
  • Imaging by optical microscopy and SEM (scanning electron microscopy)

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