Our Experts

STRIDE’s pool of 95 subject matter experts include seasoned engineers, scientists, and manufacturing experts from diverse sectors of the chemical industry. Our clients benefit from their depth of industrial experience and global industry relationships. We strongly differentiate ourselves as a team-based service organization, offering cross-discipline and cross-material R&D. We have extensive experience in discovering customer’s needs, scaling, and commercializing innovations.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Polymer Chemistry
    1. Polymer, oligomer and monomer synthesis, and general organic chemistry
    2. Polymer modification, surface modification
    3. Bio-derived Polymers, Polyesters, nylons, aramids, elastomers, liquid crystalline polymers, fluoropolymers, polyolefins, ionomers, silicone polymers, hydrogels
  • Polymer processing
    1. General thermo-physical process development
    2. Extrusion, compounding, dispersion, reactive extrusion
    3. 3D printing – polymer, process and application development
    4. Fiber spinning – melts & solutions
    5. Nonwovens – spunbond, meltblown, staple fiber, papers
    6. Rheology – modification and characterization
    7. Coatings formulation and development
    8. Compounding/mixing, composite materials
    9. Polymer physics, colloid physics, surface science, tribology
  • Materials for electronic and energy markets
    1. Electronic materials, photovoltaics, OLEDs, nanomaterials
    2. Scientific computing and computational chemistry
    3. Solar cells, batteries, membranes, sensors, fuel cells
    4. Catalysis
    5. Bio-mass conversion to fuels and chemicals
  • General Chemistry and engineering
    1. Analytical chemistry (customized, non-routine) & method development
    2. Biochemistry
    3. Physical chemistry
    4. Organic and organo-metallic chemistry
    5. Catalysis
    6. Mixing, blending
    7. In-line sensors & monitoring
    8. Kinetics, thermodynamics, process development, modeling, economics
    9. Statistical analysis

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