Who We Are

We are a Scientific Consultancy with R&D and Innovation Capabilitiesfor chemical-related companies of all sizes. We strongly differentiate ourselves as a team-based service organization, offering cross-discipline and cross-material problem solving expertise.

The STRIDE team includes seasoned engineers, scientists, and manufacturing experts from diverse sectors of the chemical industry who are focused on helping you develop new products, applications and processes. Our clients benefit from the depth of industrial experience and talent of the STRIDE team in solving problems and identifying innovative opportunities.

Our services range from small consulting assignments up to laboratory-based R&D projects. We listen to you and develop services that fit your needs, budget, and schedule.

Our Expertise

Our in-house expertise includes chemistry, material science, chemical and mechanical engineering, physics, physical chemistry, nanostructured materials, materials characterization and biotechnology.

Our experts have worked in sectors including Packaging, Materials, Coatings, Surfactants, Nonwovens, Automotive Materials, Membranes, Fuel Cells/ Batteries / Photovoltaics, Electronics Materials / Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Agriculture.

Our Laboratory Facilities

STRIDE has world-class laboratory facilities in which we collaborate with clients on industrial R&D projects in addition to helping innovators develop their invention to an investment-ready proposal. If you would prefer, our experts can work – under the highest safety standards – in your laboratory.

Intellectual Property Protection

Your intellectual property is protected when you work with STRIDE. We totally understand the value of our clients’ information, discoveries and technologies. Our contracts stipulate that you own any and all Intellectual Propertydeveloped during our work with you.

You can count on the STRIDE team to offer expertise, honed skills, and a focus on answers that contribute to your business success.

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