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STRIDE provides R&D and consulting services through experienced industry experts to organizations in chemicals and related markets and helps them face diverse challenges.

Idea to Proof-of-Concept

Prove that a new idea or concept is technically feasible through experimentation and expertise to make maximum use of startup funds in polymers and materials area.

Proof-of-Concept to Scaled Product

Advance from technical feasibility to customer desirability and de-risk the scale-up process while accelerating commercialization in chemicals, polymers and materials.

Product Development

Develop a new product, improve product performance, make it through a different process, or make it from alternative raw materials to gain competitive advantage.

Application Development

Find and develop new uses or applications for a chemical or polymer product, and expand its markets and customer base to grow revenue.

Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Provide expert consulting on many energy technologies, e.g. batteries, fuel cells, photovoltaics, lightweight materials, building and construction and biomass conversions.

Analytical Sciences

Our work in this area supports the work listed above: From Idea to POC or from POC to scaled products; product and application development and more, such as meeting and staying ahead of regulatory standards, and troubleshooting manufacturing problems.

Why choose us? Our advantages:

  • Proven problem identification and solving expertise
  • Collaborative and supportive
  • Consultative and experienced
  • Access to state-of-the-art laboratories, analytical equipment and expertise


Polymer Physics and Physical Chemistry
Polymer Synthesis / Modification
Polymer Processing
Polymer Application Development
Bio-derived Materials
Fiber Spinning
3D printing

Analytical Chemistry
Chemical Engineering
Catalyst Chemistry and Engineering
Organic Synthesis: Small Molecule / Monomer
Fluoro and Silicon Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Sustainable Chemistry
Materials Characterization
Nanoparticles and Nanostructured Materials
Failure Analysis

Surface Science / Surface Modification
Organometallic Synthesis
Mathematical Modeling
Industrial Biotechnology
Six Sigma
Problem Solving
Process Troubleshooting & Optimization
Technical, Patent, and Marketing Strategies
Technical Project Management

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