Innovator Partnership

Working with Innovators

We help convert your innovative ideas, whether you are in academia or industry, to success in the marketplace.

We add industrial relevance to your brilliant academic innovations by aligning you with our community of industry-experienced scientists and engineers. These partnerships provide the valuable subject matter expertise and experience of our members, who have worked in diverse chemical industries. We work with you on your innovation, helping you progress to the next steps – including funding.

Innovator Partnership Process

We find academic ideas and guide them to industrial success by injecting industry realities early in the commercialization process. With the help of a panel of advisors, we assess the potential for success by identifying: the industrial risks and rewards of the idea, the stakeholders on the path to market, barriers to entry in the value chain, as well as measures to overcome them, and the potential of appropriate markets.

Following this assessment, we provide services to take the innovator’s idea to industrial success. STRIDE can help innovators lease laboratory space and obtain a technician for proof of concept. Our team can also quantify market size and customer discovery.

STRIDE can provide technical/legal assessment of known prior patents and value chain analysis, as well as patent strategy and filing patent applications, docketing and prosecution services.

When the innovation is ready for the next step, our team can assist in preparing and submitting funding proposals.

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Transform your innovative ideas into commercial successes by teaming with STRIDE scientists and engineers who have practical experience and expertise in bringing innovations to market. Please complete the Client Inquiry Form to initiate the conversation.