R&D Services

We are a Scientific Consultancy with R&D and Innovation Capabilities for chemical-related companies of all sizes. We strongly differentiate ourselves as a team-based service organization, offering cross-discipline and cross-material problem solving expertise.

STRIDE is your innovation partner, extending your business capabilities with our collaborative and confidential R&D services, including evaluation and design of new chemistries and materials, optimization of processes and systems, product and application development, analytical services, and hassle-free intellectual property agreements. The STRIDE team includes seasoned engineers, scientists, and manufacturing experts from diverse sectors of the chemical industry who are focused on helping your business succeed.

Our clients benefit from the depth of industrial experience and talent of the STRIDE team in solving problems and identifying innovative opportunities.

Our services range from small consulting assignments up to laboratory-based R&D projects. We listen to you and develop services that fit your needs, budget, and schedule.

Our R&D Services

We are committed to delivering the on-demand R&D service you need, when you need it. From generating ideas to developing applications, we deliver the expertise you need. Our consultants have problem-solving skills and can recommend innovative approaches that lead to new products.

  • STRIDE is structured to accommodate requests of any size or complexity, from short telephone consultations to long-term laboratory work (at your location or ours).
  • If your organization lacks sufficient time, expertise or objectivity in-house to solve stubborn and recurring problems, or find innovative solutions and develop new products, STRIDE’s teams of industry experts can prove to be the most effective and economical solution.
  • We have more than 80 co-located experts who can draw on each other’s knowledge and expertise with ease. This unique strength helps us connect the dots and offer solutions that would not be possible through a single consultant.
  • Compared to working with a single consultant who works independently, STRIDE expert teams have direct access to STRIDE resources, such as a laboratory to develop the solutions, as well as academic connections.

Our Expertise

Polymer Science and Engineering

  • Polymer, oligomer and monomer synthesis and characterization
  • Polyesters, nylons, aramids, elastomers, liquid crystalline polymers, fluoropolymers, silicone polymers, polyolefins, ionomers, hydrogels, bio-derived polymers
  • Application experience in: fibers, films, membranes, nonwovens, papers, 3D printing, coatings, extrusion, compounding/mixing, composite materials

Materials and Solid-State Physics

  • Electronic materials, photovoltaics, nanomaterials, ceramics
  • Colloid physics, surface science, tribology
  • Scientific computing and computational chemistry
  • Application experience in: solar cells, batteries, membranes, sensors, fuel cells

General Chemistry and Engineering

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Organic and organo-metallic chemistry
  • Catalysis
  • Chemical engineering, including kinetics, thermodynamics, process development, modeling, economics
  • Particle formation and handling

Business and Technical Services

  • Patent strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Statistics, designed experiments, Six-sigma, Lean manufacturing

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